Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shakin' All Over

Today I was NOT feeling cardio. Just the idea of getting on the treadmill was enough to scare me away from working out at all. Despite that, I knew I had to get in my heavy weight day. I've learned that if I do my heavy weights day any later than Sunday, it affects my weigh in on Wednesday. Because of that, I do my heavy days on Wednesday (post-weigh in), Friday, and Sunday.

Back to today. I know I have to do serious weights but I have no desire to do cardio. So what do I decide to do? Heavy arm half hour followed by heavy leg half hour (give or take). And holy moly. I'm still shaky and it's been about an hour since I stopped. Tomorrow might be super painful but right now I'm pretty happy!

Here's the breakdown of my workout:


- 5 skull crushers (suuuper slow) with an 8 lb weight
- 3 sets of 10 curls with 8 lb weights
- 3 sets of 10 hammer curls with 8 lb weights
- 3 sets of 10 flies with 3 lb weights
- 30 shoulder shrugs with 10 lb weights
- 3 sets of 10 bench presses with about 25 pounds (curl bar + 15 lb in weights)
- 3 sets of 10 "lawnmower pull" with 8 lb weights (I don't know the real name for these, but they're for triceps)


For legs, I did an adapted version of Julie's Squats and Deadlifts workout.

Her version includes 3 minutes of non-stop squats, which just wasn't going to happen. So I changed all of it so that each workout would do a total of 3 reps, but I treated it like a circuit. One time through was one rep for each, and I did the entire circuit three times. So here's what I did:

- Squats with 50 lbs for 1 minute
- Deadlifts with 50 lbs for 1 minute
- Lunges with 40 lbs, 15 for each leg
- High knees for 1 minute (I added this in place of more squats)
- Leg extension with high weights, 15
- Leg curl with high weights, 15
- Wall sit for 30 seconds

I had to change the leg press and ball curls she had on hers, as I do not go to an actual gym but I do have the little leg weight contraption on the end of our weight bench. Also, for my third wall sit I did 60 seconds. One word: ouch.

I completed my workout with a 60 second plank, and then folded in on myself in child's pose for about five minutes while my muscles shook away.

I have to say, for my first time doing deadlifts, I was a big fan! My only problem was that my weight lifting gloves suck. Apparently women aren't supposed to lift more than about 20 pounds, because they include minimal padding. For shame, Reebok. For shame. When women want to do 50 lb deadlifts, they should NOT have to get blisters from it! Needless to say, I'll be trashing my "high quality" Reebok ones and going to Walmart to get the $8 men's ones that Jake has. Apparently you need to be a man to get worthwhile lifting gloves. Good to know.

Time to force myself through a shower and then watch the rest of the Bruins game.

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