Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Highs and Lows

Yesterday, while forcing myself to do cardio even though I had no desire to, I started making a list of the Pros and Cons of having a treadmill in your basement.

  • Working out any time you want!
  • Wearing just a sports bra and spandex shorts, even when you're not in shape enough to do that yet.
  • Cranking the music and not having to use headphones/earbuds. (This is huge for me.)
  • When I lose motivation, I stare at this little thing.
  • You can stop and go to the bathroom and not be afraid of losing your treadmill.
  • Your dogs can hang out in the basement and watch you as they fear for your life (because you're running on a monster that makes loud noises). 

  • My treadmill faces my bikes. Which is basically just torture. 
  • We don't have cable in the basement. I have a TV set up down there, and we have plans to bring our Wii down there (for Netflix), but we haven't done it yet. Which means music is my only option.
  • While it's a clean basement, it does have a bit of a basement smell. So the breathing isn't great, and when I'm sprinting, I'm taking in big gulps of musty air. Not so much refreshing.
  • It's a tad dusty down there. So sometimes it's perfectly fine, and other times I'll be running and suddenly find myself blind because something gets stuck in my contact lens. Then I almost die trying to fix the problem.
  • I'm in a basement. And it feels like a basement. So when I'm feeling particularly anti-cardio, I get fixated on the fact that I'm practically in a dungeon! 
In other news, today was my weigh in and I've officially lost 27.5 pounds in six weeks. Pretty amazing. I feel great but I also feel like I'm getting a little burnt out on the cardio I've been doing. I need to mix things up with some circuits in the upcoming days so I don't totally lose interest in the treadmill. The past couple times I've gone on it, it's felt like sheer torture so it's definitely time to do something different. Weights, on the other hands, are fantastic right now. I can't seem to get enough of them, which means I need to be careful to not over do it and hurt myself!

Speaking of hurting myself, I did this to myself getting out of the shower yesterday. 

That picture was taken after I'd washed it off - there was much more blood than that originally! When I went to put on my running shoes today, it hurt but I decided to ignore it. How bad could it be? ...I lasted about three minutes before I decided that today would be all weights just so I could take my damn shoes off. This is coming from the same person who once PRed with a broken toe and completed a 7 mile race with a stress fracture in her foot. Really, I should've seen it coming when any time I moved last night, my toe would catch on my sheets and the feeling of it made me want to vomit. Apparently broken bones are fine with me, but skin snagging on things is a no-no. 

Well, the Bruins just officially ended their season, and with that, it is time for me to go and pout / cry. Have a wonderful night.

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  1. Damn toes. What party poopers. Way to stay focused despite getting tired of the treadmill. Boredom is definitely something to avoid